Publications & Works

Refereed Congress / Symposium Publications in Proceedings

Investigation of Stress Distribution and Deformation Zones in Composite Sleepers by Finite Element Method

2nd International Symposium on Light Alloys and Composite Materials (UHAKS’22), Karabük, Turkey, 31 March 2022, pp.52-55

Low Velocity Impact Resistance of Nylon 6.6 Nanofiber Reinforced Epoxy Adhesives Used in Aircrafts

International Symposium on Aircraft Technology, ISATECH-2021, Budapest, Hungary, 28 - 30 June 2021

The Effect of Low Velocity Impact with Graphene 6.6 Nanofibers Reinforced Epoxy Adhesively Bonded Joints

1st International Conference on Environment, Technology and Management (ICETEM), Niğde, Turkey, 27 - 29 June 2019