Atalay T., Aslan Ö.(Executive)

Project Supported by Higher Education Institutions, 2012 - 2013

  • Project Type: Project Supported by Higher Education Institutions
  • Begin Date: July 2012
  • End Date: September 2013

Project Abstract

In this study, it was aimed to determine of haemoplasmosis, (causing hemolytic anemia in cats) known as Feline infectious anemia (FIA), with PCR analysis in Kayseri provinces. Blood samples collected in EDTA tubes from 84 cats were used as material; 40 cats (with different complaints) admitted to The University of Erciyes, Faculty of Veterinary Clinics between 2012-2013 years and 44 cats from Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality Cats Shelter House. These cats were at average of 5.5 years old (6 month-10 years) and belonged to different strains and sexes (41 female and 43 male). Blood samples were analysed cytologically and with PCR. The PCR was performed with forward primer, 5?- ACG AAA GTC TGA TGG AGC AAT A-3? and reverse primer 5?- ACG CCC AAT AAA TCC GRA TAA T-3?, to amplify the target of 16S rRNA gene of 170 bp from M. haemofelis and 193 bp from Candidatus M. haemominutum. In conclusion, the PCR analysis showed that the 8 of 84 cats (9.52 %) were FIA positive; 4 of which (4/8; 4,76 %) were infected with M. haemofelis, 3 cats (3/8; 3,57 %) with Candidatus M. haemominutum and a cat (1/8; 1,19 %) was co infected. Key words: cat, haemoplasmosis, PCR, cytological analysis