Growth Performance, Slaughter and Carcass Traits in White and MulticolourNative Geese

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Boz M. A., Sarıca M.

International Journal of Poultry -Ornamental Birds Science and Technology, vol.2, no.1, pp.17-22, 2021 (Peer-Reviewed Journal)


n this study, 24
week growth performance, slaughter and
carcass traits were determined in white and
varieties geese reared by producers. Slaughter and carcass traits were determined by
slaughtering 5 male and 5 female geese from each variety at 24 weeks of age. During the growth
period, hatching (gos
ling) weight and live weights were determined every 4 weeks. Although
variety geese had higher body weight at 12 weeks of age, no difference was found
between varieties at slaughter age (24 weeks).
Daily live weight gain was higher in
between hatch (day
old) and 12 weeks of age and White variety geese between 12
24 weeks of age.
Feet weight and ratio were higher in
geese, and abdominal fat weight and ratio were
higher in White variety geese. Most of the growth and deve
lopment traits of male geese were
determined higher than females as expected due to the biological superiority of males.