Investigation of Some Physical Properties of Developed Soils on the Volcanic Parent Material Around Erciyes Mountain

Kara Z., Saltalı K., Yakupoğlu T.

Kahramanmaraş Sütçü İmam Üniversitesi Tarım ve Doğa Dergisi, vol.25, no.4, pp.901-908, 2022 (ESCI) identifier identifier


For the sustainable use of the soils formed on the volcanic parent material, their characteristics should be determined and management measures should be applied accordingly. The aim of this study is to determine some physical and erodibility characteristics of volcanic agricultural soils located between the east of Erciyes Mountain and Tomarza district. A total of 58 surface soil samples (0-30 cm) were taken from the study area. Soil samples were analysed according to widely used analysis methods. As a result of the research, it was determined that the average organic matter content of soils (0.93%), clay (12%) and total lime (0.87%) contents were low, whereas sand (60%) contents were high. Among the consistency limits, the liquid limit was found to be 20% and the plastic limit was 14%, which were both considered as low levels. When the erodible parameters of the soils were evaluated; it was found that aggregate stability (23%) and structure stability index (15%) were low, while the dispersion ratio (53%) was high. According to the data obtained, it is estimated that the studied soils have a high erosion tendency. Due to the low organic matter and lime content of the soils, Gyttja (about 40% Organic Matter and 50% Lime) can be recommended as an organic regulator. In addition, green manuring and reduced tillage can be applied to improve the physical properties of soils.