Preparation of Organic/Inorganic Hybrid Materials Using Agregates of Poly{2-methyl-N-[2-(phenylthio)phenyl]Acrylamide-co-2-(Trimethylsyloxy)Ethyl Methacrylate} as Precursor and Vibrational Investigation of the Polymerization

ARI H., Soykan C., Ozpozan T.

JOURNAL OF MACROMOLECULAR SCIENCE PART A-PURE AND APPLIED CHEMISTRY, vol.50, no.10, pp.1022-1041, 2013 (SCI-Expanded) identifier identifier


Acrylamide based monomer, 2-methyl-N-[2-(phenylthio)phenyl]acrylamide (MPPA) was synthesized by reacting 2-(phenylthio) aniline with methacryloylchloride. The copolymerization of MPPA, with 2-(trimethylsyloxy)ethyl methacrylate(TSEM) was carried out with different monomer-to-monomer ratios in the feed. All the compounds were characterized by IR, Raman and H-1- and C-13-NMR techniques and SEM analysis. The elemental analysis of the copolymer composition led to the determination of reactivity ratios employing Fineman-Ross, Kelen-Tudos and Extended Kelen-Tudos linearization methods. These parameters were also estimated using a non-linear computational fitting procedure, known as reactivity ratio errors in variable model. The molecular weights and polydispersity index of polymers was determined by gel permeation chromatography. Thermal stability of the copolymers were found to increase with increasing mole fraction of MPPA from thermogravimetric analysis. The vibrational analysis of MPPA and poly(MPPA) were also performed to explain the vibrational spectra and to confirm the polymerization on the basis of a theoretical and experimental aproach.