Is there treatment effect of vinpocetine on autonomic dysfunction in rats with alzheimer?

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Dolu N., Gündüz S., Kara A. Y., Acer H., Tasan S. N., Khan A.

Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical and Clinical Research, vol.10, no.2, pp.89-91, 2017 (Scopus) identifier


© 2017 The Authors.Alzheimer’s disease (AD) shows less autonomic dysfunction. There was a lack of response or prolongation of its latency in skin sympathetic response. Vinpocetine is a classic inhibitor of PDE1 activity. Vinpocetine treatment has been shown to enhance performance on cognitive tests in humans. The efficacy of the use of vinpocetine in clinical trials has been controversial. A comparison of multiple studies evaluating vinpocetine use in AD was recently conducted. Objective: Our first aim was to assess dysautonomia in rat with AD electrophysiologically, using sympathetic skin response (SSR) test. The second aim of this study, evaluate the effect of vinpocetine treatment on Alzheimer autonomic dysfunction and attention deficiency. Methods: Rats were divided into four groups: Sham group (Group C, i.p. saline), Alzheimer group (Group A), vinpocetine group (Group V, 5 mg/kg, every other day, i.p.), Alzheimer+vinpocetine group (Group AV). AD was induced in old male rats by AlCl3 (40 mg/kg i.p.) and D-galactose (90 mg/kg) daily for 6 weeks. Then skin conductance level (SCL), which is an SSR parameter, was measured as tonic (no-stimuli period, 2 minutes) and phasic SSR (simultaneously with 15 auditory stimuli, 10 minutes). Tonic SSR is useful to investigate general states of arousal and alertness, while phasic SSR is useful to study multifaceted attentional processes (related to novelty, intensity). Results: SCL was a difference among groups (tonic: F=21.47, p≤0.000; phasic: F=9.86, p≤0.000). SCL was statistically lower in Group A than Group C (p≤0.005) and Group V (p≤0.000). SCL of Group V was statistically higher than Group C (p≤0.04), Group A (p≤0.000) and Group AV (p≤0.000). SCL of Group AV was lower than Group C’s (p≤0.01). Conclusion: There was no statistically difference between Group A and Group AV. We concluded that autonomic disturbances accompanied AD and vinpocetine treatment could not ameliorate this disturbance.