Ertaş S. A., Atik H.

Gazi Kitabevi, Ankara, 2022

  • Publication Type: Book / Research Book
  • Publication Date: 2022
  • Publisher: Gazi Kitabevi
  • City: Ankara
  • Yozgat Bozok University Affiliated: Yes


Social service policies applied to the elderly, disabled people, children and women, who are among the disadvantaged groups belonging to the 2002-2019 AK Party period, have been statistically analyzed using Minimum Spanning Tree (MST) and Hierarchical Tree (HT) methods. In addition, Turkey's social service performance for women and people with disabilities against the European Union was examined statistically with the help of Cluster Analysis. When both national and international literature are evaluated, this thesis study is the first in terms of statistically examining the social service policies applied to these groups during the AK Party 2002-2019 period and comparing Turkey's performance in social services against the EU, filling the current gap in the literature.

            In the study, first of all, social work was discussed conceptually and theoretically. Later, social work theories were extensively explained. Finally, in the first part, social work and economics relationship was examined in the elderly, disabled people, women and children who are disadvantaged groups. In the second part, social work policies applied in Turkey for the elderly, children, women and people with disabilities are discussed. In the third part, In the third chapter, the 2002-2019 AK Party period, the topology of social services applied to women, the elderly, the disabled people and children, is analyzed by MST and HT, one of the hierarchical structure methods. In the last chapter, the social services applied by Turkey and EU countries to women and people with disabilities were examined using basic components and hierarchical (progressive) clustering methods from multi-variable statistical analysis methods.

            During the 2002-2019 AK Party period, it was determined that there is a separate correlation between the variables examined within the scope of social services applied to women, the disabled people, the elderly and children, and individual MST and HT were obtained for each. In addition, Turkey was found to rank 24th and 5th in terms of disabilities compared to the order of development between EU countries and women's social service indicators.