Eco-friendly C-60-SESMP-Fe3O4 inorganic magnetizable nanocomposite as high-performance adsorbent for magnetic removal of arsenic from crude oil and water samples

Alheety M. A., Raoof A., Al-Jibori S. A., KARADAĞ A., Khaleel A. I., Akbas H., ...More

MATERIALS CHEMISTRY AND PHYSICS, vol.231, pp.292-300, 2019 (SCI-Expanded) identifier identifier


Fullerene biopolymer-magnetite nano inorganic composite is produced from newly prepared fullerene (C-60) soluble eggshell membrane protein (SESMP) composite mixed with Fe(3)O(4)NPs. UV-Vis, FTIR, VSM, SEM, EDX and STEM are demonstrated that a stable Fe3O4 can be retained on the surface of C-60-ESMP bio nanocomposite by a multi-step chemical reaction. The resulting eco-friendly C-60-ESMP-Fe3O4 nano inorganic composite was screened for its magnetic solid phase extraction (MSPE) performance of arsenic in six crude oil and water samples using ICP-OES technique. The pH, eluent type, concentration and volume, standing, elution and sedimentation times, sample volume, C-60-SESMP-Fe3O4 mass, interfering ions and reusability of the prepared nanocomposite have been examined. The optimal conditions were experimentally investigated to be pH = 8, sample volume = 50 mL and C-60-SESMP-Fe3O4 mass = 20 mg with an enrichment factor of 20. The results of reuse were excellent, showing high reusability, which were 20 MSPE runs with only 0.2-1% error. The limits of detection (LOD) were found to be 0.0473 and 0.0325 ng. mL(-1) for As(III) and As(V), respectively. Subsequently, relative standard deviations (RSD%) were determined as 1.15% for As(III) and 1.31% for As(V). These results indicate that this stable nanocomposites system would be an excellent candidate for removal of As(III) and As(V) rapidly from crude oil and water with the ability of reuse.