Characterizations of Loxodromes on Rotational Surfaces in Euclidean 3--Space (Under Review)

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Aksoyak F. K. , Bektaş Demirci B., Babaarslan M.

Other, pp.1-16, 2022

  • Publication Type: Other Publication / Other
  • Publication Date: 2022
  • Page Numbers: pp.1-16
  • Yozgat Bozok University Affiliated: Yes


In this paper, we study on the characterizations of loxodromes on the rotational surfaces satisfying some special geometric properties such as having constant Gaussian curvature, flat and minimality in Euclidean 3-space. First, we give the parametrizations of loxodromes parametrized by arc-length parameter on any rotational surfaces in $\mathbb{E}^{3}$ and then, we calculate the curvature and the torsion of such loxodromes. 

Then, we give the parametrizations of loxodromes on rotational surfaces with constant Gaussian curvature. In particular, we prove that the loxodrome on the flat rotational surface is a general helix. Also, we investigate the loxodromes on the rotational surfaces with a constant ratio of principal curvatures (CRPC rotational surfaces). Moreover, we give the parametrizations of loxodromes on the minimal rotational surface which is a special case of CRPC rotational surfaces.  Then, we show that the loxodrome intersects the meridians of minimal rotational surface by the angle $\pi/{4}$ becomes an asymptotic curve. Finally, we give some visual examples to strengthen our main results via Wolfram Mathematica.