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Institutional Information: Hukuk Fakültesi, Kamu Hukuku, Idare Hukuku
Research Areas: Administrative Law



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He graduated from Ankara University Faculty of Law in 2010. He completed his attorney internship in 2011. He served as the general secretary of the Ankara Bar Association Tax and Administrative Law Board for two years. After working as a attorney at law for a while, he became a research assistant in the department of administrative law. In 2015, he defended his thesis on "The concept of act that can be subject to administrative lawsuit in the state under rule of law" and completed his master's degree. He is currently a PhD student in administrative law at Ankara University. He is a research assistant at Yozgat Bozok University Faculty of Law. He works at Ankara University Faculty of Law in accordance with Article 35 of the Law No. 2547. He has organized many panels and symposiums in the field of law. He has papers published in national and international scientific meetings and articles published in national refereed journals.